Pau Gasol is an advisor, investor and activist in projects related to sports and wellbeing. His contribution to these firms is not limited to economic investment, but brings into play the experience he has acquired over the years.

Sport and wellness

In sporting circles, I want to work on behalf of equal opportunity and for the creation of new resources and tools for athletes, as well as to improve this sector for the fans.

I’m also interested in working in favor of the health and wellbeing of people in general, especially to reduce the childhood obesity that affects our boys and girls.


Overtime is an agency specializing in the creation of content and in attracting new audiences. One of its principal milestones is the creation of a league parallel to the NCAA that will provide opportunities for talented basketball players who do not play on college teams. Pau Gasol is part of the grouup of well-known people who have invested in it to support athletes and a member of the Overtime Elite Board of Directors.


Pau Gasol is an ambassador, investor and strategy advisor for Therabody, a tech company at the service of athletes that specializes in percussive therapy for muscle recovery.


Pau Gasol is one of the investors in the largest financing round aimed at supporting women’s sports. The operation seeks to make the US women’s basketball league more professional.


Pau Gasol is interested in technological innovation on behalf of sports and wellbeing. That’s why he is an investor in brands like Oura Ring, the intelligent ring that measures physical activity, sleep and heart rate, among other variables.


​​Pau Gasol is interested in bringing his experience and knowledge of leadership to coaching projects. That’s why he is an investor and strategic advisor Betterup, a startup centered around emotional wellbeing and human potential.


Pau Gasol is an investor and advisor in INDYA, a Valencia, Spain-based nutrition technology startup for sports performance improvement. INDYA also collaborates with Pau’s projects, such as the Pau Gasol Academy by Santander 2022.

Sports Innovation Lab

In its efforts to bring sports closer to the people and to improve the sporting sector, Pau Gasol is an investor in this company, which specializes in data analysis so as to define the behavior of sports fans.


Draftea is a fantasy sports platform that puts technology at the service of different groups of sports fans, among them those of the NBA. Pau Gasol is an investor and advisor in the company.

Duke University

Pau Gasol is part of the COLE Distinguished Fellows group at Duke University. This “leadership and ethics center” is made up of people from different walks of life who share ideas based on values.

Global entrepreneurship

I want to accompany entrepreneurs who wish to ‘internationalize’ Spanish companies or projects that are seeking to make a difference.


Pau Gasol is a member of Endeavor Spain’s Board of Trustees formed by some of Spain’s most renowned businesspeople. Endeavor is a non-profit organization focused on supporting high-impact entrepreneurs in Spain.


Pau Gasol is an investor in Colvin, a Spanish startup that has revolutionized the online flower and plant sales sector. He also advises the company on defining and developing aspects of its corporate culture.


Pau Gasol is on the advisory board of the Consello Group, a platform that offers solutions to growing companies so they can obtain added value.