Consello Group Announces the Launch of Strive

  • World’s First Advisory, Investing and Content Management Business in Sports, Entertainment and Leadership Development – All on One Single Global Platform
  • Sports Icons Tom Brady, Serena Williams and Pau Gasol Among Founding Partner Team

New York, NY – January 9, 2024
The Consello Group, a leading global advisory and investing firm, today announced the launch of Consello Strive, a first of its kind global business focused on the convergence of sports, entertainment and leadership development – all on one single platform.

Consello Strive will operate in four specific areas: Advisory, Investing, Content/IP and Leadership Development..

The sports and entertainment industries are being transformed by emerging technologies, the globalization of leading brands and the institutionalization of ownership. Within this rapidly changing environment, Consello Strive will seek to empower those investing in or commercializing assets in the sports, media, and entertainment arena to maximize their business potential and create the highest sustainable value. Consello will advise on how best to evolve investments, businesses, leagues, teams, or brand strategy across technology, infrastructure and commercial partnerships, among other disciplines.

Consello Group co-founder, and seven-time Super Bowl champion, Tom Brady, will be joined as a founding partner in this new division by 23-time Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams, and two-time NBA champion, six-time NBA All-Star and NBA Basketball Hall of Famer, Pau Gasol. Mr. Gasol will also lead a team focused on expanding Consello Strive’s interests throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Other founding partners in the new enterprise are: Declan Kelly, Janey Whiteside, Peter Mattoon, Dr. Oscar Salazar and Mindy Grossman.

Over the course of the coming weeks, Consello will announce a number of commercial partnership agreements with leading third-party industry participants and individuals as part of its rollout of Consello Strive around the world. 

Announcing the new division, Consello Group Founder, Chairman and CEO Declan Kellysaid: “We believe that Consello Strive has the potential to change the entire global landscape of sports, entertainment and leadership development because of the opportunities that exist in the marketplace today and the unique experience, relationships and track record of the team we have assembled. Over the coming months we will be expanding our presence and partnerships further and rolling out a series of new services as part of the overall platform. We couldn’t be more excited to have this senior group come together to build this groundbreaking new business.”

Tom Brady added: “Since the start of our journey at Consello our mission has been very clear – to make the best in the world even better. With Consello Strive we are bringing the very best in the world together to help advise people everywhere in the fields of sports and entertainment in ways that have never been done before. I am especially passionate about the launch of our leadership development vertical because working with leaders to drive them to search for improvement in whatever they do is something my partners and I have been devoted to our entire careers.” 

Serena Williams added: “I am excited to deepen my relationship with Consello by joining Consello’s Strive platform as a partner. The next chapter of my life will be as exciting and fulfilling as the last one, and I have no doubt that the team we have assembled here will help me do just that. I am also excited to help Consello Strive as a business to grow and expand around the world.”

Pau Gasol said: “I’ve seen firsthand the lasting impact that sports can create, both on and off the court. Joining Consello Strive as a partner is a natural step for me because of my passion for growth, mentorship, and creating impactful change, just like I am already doing through Gasol16 Ventures, my investment vehicle, and through the Gasol Foundation, whose mission is to eradicate childhood obesity. I’m excited about embarking on this journey, and I will additionally be focusing on building out our offering in the Spanish-speaking world where some of the greatest athletes, entertainers and leaders show us daily what it means to be truly great.”

Consello partner Janey Whiteside said: “Consello’s unparalleled connection to the world’s business leaders paired with the incomparable expertise of the sports icons involved, gives Consello Strive a unique opportunity to partner, advise and invest across the dynamic $550bn landscape that we see in front of us today in sports and entertainment. Commercializing that opportunity is something we believe we are better positioned to do than anyone else in the world today.” 

Consello partner Mindy Grossman said: “I have spent my entire life working with and mentoring emerging leadership talent across multiple different businesses and industries, and that has taken me on an unforgettable journey through retail, sports, television, media and entertainment, and health and wellness. Launching Consello Strive today brings all those passions and interests together into one place and one platform and I truly believe we can and will change lives as part of what we are doing. I am especially thrilled that my friend and collaborator of more than 20 years, Serena Williams, is expanding her role with us on this journey and I am very confident we all can change the world together.”

About Gasol16 Ventures

Gasol16 Ventures is the vehicle that brings together all of Pau Gasol’s investment, advisory, and business partnership activity. It identifies projects with high growth potential, especially in the areas of sports, health and wellness, Spanish entrepreneurship, and private equity, and maximizes their potential thanks to the experience and the network of Pau Gasol and the rest of the team.

About Consello

The Consello Group is a financial services advisory and strategic investing platform. At Consello we invest capital to grow companies, we execute for our banking clients across industries and we provide business development and marketing services to help companies grow and evolve. We also advise across sports, entertainment and leadership development, and our digital assets advisory business helps companies participate in the global digital financial services ecosystem.

Consello offers these six distinct but integrated lines of businesses all on one platform:

  • Sports, Entertainment and Leadership Development
  • M&A Advisory and Investment Banking
  • Investing
  • Growth and Business Development
  • Marketing and Brand Advisory
  • Digital Assets Advisory

Consello se puso en marcha hace menos de dos años y ya cuenta con más de 100 empleados y asesores con oficinas en Nueva York, Londres, Miami, Barcelona y Atlanta. 

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