International Olympic Committee (IOC)

In August of 2021, Paus was elected a member of Athletes’ Commission of the IOC (International Olympic Committee). From that position he will defend the interests of the athletes, will participate in the organisation of future IOC events, and will promote physical activity among the general population.


Since June of 2019, Pau Gasol has been a member of the Advisory Council of Spanish Sport (CADE), which is part of the Association of Spanish Sport (ADESP). This council has created five working groups that attempt to find consensus among sporting policies. Pau is part of two of these groups –sport as a right and sports sponsorship– where he debates with other Spanish sports stars in an effort to reach agreements that will have a practical influence on the conditions of athletes in Spain and also to raise awareness and influence public opinion.


This is a double agreement. On one side, Pau Gasol has become Strategic Advisor and Global Ambassador for Barçain the United States. From this position, he represents the values of the club and contributes his knowledge, experience and contacts in the US market toward developing projects that make sports more popular.

At the same time, the Gasol Foundation and the Fundación Barça have an agreement to work to improve the conditions of children and young people who are at risk of social exclusion, and to fight against childhood obesity through sports.


The collaboration between Pau Gasol and FIBA is a natural outgrowth of his career trajectory. It was formalized in September 2022 when Pau Gasol became an ambassador for the FIBA Women’s World Cup in Australia and will continue in the future with other collaborations. 


Bàsquet Girona

Pau Gasol is vice-president of the Bàsquet Girona club, whose president is his brother Marc Gasol. The club was founded during the 2014-2015 season, and currently has teams in various categories, including ACB and wheelchair basketball, in addition to 250 boys and girls on basic teams.  Bàsquet Girona carries out different programs to promote healthy habits, sports psychology and languages. It also organizes social integration and inclusive sports activities and has a CSR area.

Bàsquet Girona